About Us

Cimuga (pronounced, “sah-moo-gah”)

Cimuga is a innovative developer of casual mobile games, themed around music and cities such Hip Hop Scramble and Twin Cities Scramble, respectively. Headquartered in the Twin Cities, MN, Cimuga will provide the world with the best quality free-to-play mobile games!

Quartez Garrett

Quartez, is the CEO and co-founder of Cimuga. He was born and raised in Sylacauga, Al, a small town 35 minutes southeast of Birmingham. But more importantly, he was raised on MUSIC! His love for Hip Hop specifically, inspired him to launch, a Hip Hop debate blog in 2013. Around the same time, Q, also a gamer, had an epiphany: someone should develop casual word games themed around Hip Hop. Four years later, he relocated to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-Saint Paul), Minnesota. And after meeting Aaron, a fellow gamer, an epiphany turned into a company.

Aaron Diericks

Born in 1986, Aaron grew up in the small town, Ellsworth, WI. Staying in the region his entire life, he quickly fell in love with the computer/gaming frenzy as an escape from the cold, brutal winters. Daily, he’s a fuel transport driver, but after meeting Quartez, he’s decided to dive into his passion and bring the fun to others by making free-to-play mobile games.